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Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview with Task Manager, Virtual Desktop, and Mouse Cursor Enhancements

Microsoft today published a new preview of Windows 10 with improvements to the Task Manager, Virtual Desktop, Mouse Cursor, Notepad, and Windows. Chinese IME. The update overwrites Windows 10 of build 18956 (made available to testers Aug. 7) to build 18963. These versions come from the branch 20H1, which represents the Windows 10 update that will arrive in the first half of the following year. year

Windows 10 is under development as a service which means that it regularly receives new features. Up to now, Microsoft has released seven major updates: November Update Anniversary Update Updated Creators Updated creators of fall April Update 2018 Update of October 2018 and Update of May 2019 .

In this release, the task manager has acquired support for temperature monitoring. If you have a dedicated GPU card, Windows 10 will now display the current temperature next to its list in the Performance tab of the Task Manager. You may need an updated graphics driver to display the temperature (WDDM version 2.4 or higher required). For now, the temperature value is only supported in degrees Celsius.

You can now define names for your different virtual desktops. When you open the task view (by selecting the Task View button in the taskbar or by pressing WIN + Tab), click on the name of your desktop to turn it into an editable field (right-click the mouse on the thumbnail to rename). You can set the name so that you prefer (including emoji). The names persist on reboot.

The Optional Features page in Settings (Settings => Applications and Features => Optional Features) has undergone some changes. You can now select and install multiple optional features simultaneously, browse optional feature lists and sort them (by name, size and date of installation) and see the date of installation of each optional feature in the list. Installed functions ". . Feature dependencies are now also included in the description of each optional feature and you can view the status of your latest installations / uninstall / undo directly on the main page of the "Latest Actions" section.

in Settings, you can now adjust the speed of your mouse cursor (Settings => Devices => Mouse). This is the latest attempt by Microsoft to converge the settings and the Control Panel.

There are some other interesting information to note with this version. Notepad arrives on the Microsoft Store, which means that Microsoft can respond to issues and comments "outside of Windows versions." The Chinese IME continues to be subject to improvements, including bug fixes for the toolbar and the candidate window. The image of your Microsoft account will appear quickly in Windows, applications and many Microsoft sites (up to now, there were up to three or four different images for your account). Finally, Windows Search has improved spelling and spelling for applications and settings.

Bug Fixes

This 20H1 release includes the following fixes and bug fixes:

  • This issue has been fixed. The state of the network would show that you are not connected even if you managed to use the network.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented the selection of candidates in the Prediction Candidates window for the Japanese IME to match the composition string. [19659011] Fixed a problem due to which the selection of candidates via the numeric keys of the new simplified Chinese EMI did not match the composition string.
  • Fixed a problem affecting the typing speed on the remote desktop.
  • This problem has been resolved while using emoji. In some places where an East Asian language is active, the panel automatically closes after entering a single emoji, even if the option to keep it open is enabled.
  • ue where typing a very long string with the Vietnamese telex keypad without validation could result in the blocking of the underlying application.
  • Fixed a recent problem in which the touch keyboard was entering a point when you press the space key when typing in Korean.
  • an issue where, if the Enable Input Customization Group Policy was disabled, the search was automatically blocked.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the search from returning results after disconnecting from the Internet while using a local account.
  • Fixed a problem. this could make the search field invisible in the taskbar if you opened the Start menu while an update was pending on your system.
  • Fixed a problem for those who were using the new Cortana experience, where WIN + C did not appear. Cortana.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented synchronization of iCloud calendars with the Calendar application.
  • In order to reduce disk clutter, the Connect application is now available as an optional feature downloadable in SE format.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the installation of Windows Hello in the settings in recent versions.
  • This issue has been resolved: if the sound settings were open and you were using the hardware volume keys on your PC to update the file. volume, the master volume slider in the settings may not stay in sync with the current value.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown of the graphical settings for Microsoft Store applications to be dumped.
  • Fixed a problem impacting Snip & Sketch. capture reliability in recent versions.

Known Issues

This release presents four known issues:

  • Insiders may notice a new "download in the cloud" option in Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) under "Reset this PC". This feature does not work yet.
  • There was a problem with older versions of the anti-cheat software used with games where, after updating to the latest versions of the 19H1 Insider Preview, computers could fail. Make sure you are using the latest version of your games before updating the operating system.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers are not working properly.
  • The Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons on the title bar do not work. some applications. Alt + F4 should work as expected to close the application if needed.

As always, do not install this application on your production machine.

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