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OnePlus’ best phone isn’t coming to the US

The OnePlus 7T Pro. It looks just like the older OnePlus 7 Pro. The pop-up camera is still here. OnePlus Here’s the back, which also looks just like the 7 Pro. OnePlus The edges of the screen are curved. OnePlus The in-screen fingerprint reader is back. OnePlus Warp charging is …

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Is Artificial Intelligence the Ultimate University Stimulus?

What does it take to make the university the best learning experience in the lifecycle of one’s education? Higher education is all about developing skills, exploring new theories, and applying them to the actualities of real life. Throughout this journey, students are encouraged to stay on top of their workload, …

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FIFA 20 reaches 10 million players milestone

Electronic Arts announced today that FIFA 20 has now reached 10 million players. The soccer (or football, depending on where you’re from) game came out on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Switch, and PC. FIFA 20 is available through the subscription services EA Access and Origin Access, so …

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Customer Experience Vs Customer Service

Nowadays, customer experience and customer service have become buzzwords in the business-centric milieu. However, customer experience, customer service, and even customer care are so confusing, that often businesses don’t bother to invest separately. No doubt, these are much puzzling, yet different. A clear-cut differentiation is essential as customer experience is …

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