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5 fastest and free file sharing applications to transfer large files online

If you need to upload a large file over the Internet, try these websites and apps. From temporary sharing to a hybrid torrent-cloud, everyone has something a little different.

File transfer applications are often better than using email or a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive. After all, you can simply create a link and share it with anyone, without worrying about permissions, giving your personal information or limiting yourself to the file size. You can also share files anonymously with people in your area or very large data faster with peer-to-peer technology.

1. Sharefast.me (Web): Fast and Temporary Transfers with Memorable URLs

Sharefast Creates Memorable URLs to Share Files Temporarily

Sending a Message Online file always arouses fears in the hands of someone you have not intended to do. It may be that the link is mistakenly forwarded to that person or that the data is part of a larger piracy. Sharefast.me is the fastest website for temporary file sharing.

The site does not clearly indicate a limit on the number of files you can download or the size of the files. But you must choose how long the files will be active: 10 minutes, an hour, 10 hours or a day. After that, the files will be permanently deleted, protecting your privacy. In fact, Sharefast.me indicates the number of files it currently stores on its servers.

Another access point is here. Unlike other file-sharing services, Sharefast.me creates easy-to-remember two-character URLs instead of gibberish created by other sites. In fact, you can even create your own custom URLs, but these need at least four characters.

2. Dropbox Transfer (Web): Sharing Dropbox Files Like Email

Dropbox allows you to share larger files and folders, but you need to worry permissions, the recipient's Dropbox. capacity, and how long they get the file. Dropbox Transfer is the company's new medium term between cloud storage and email.

With Dropbox Transfer, you can share files up to 100 MB through the base account. In addition, users can send files of 2 GB, while Pro users can send files of 100 GB. It works like an email, in that your original file has not been modified in your storage space Dropbox and the recipient receives a copy. If you make any changes, your file will not be modified.

Transfers will automatically expire after seven days to protect confidentiality. You can add files from your existing Dropbox storage or download new files to your computer. Dropbox Transfer also has an automatic tracking. So, whenever someone downloads your file, you receive a notification.

Dropbox Transfer is currently in beta and is slowly rolling out all accounts. If you wait, take a look at these other Dropbox apps you did not need 5 brilliant Dropbox apps you did not know needed 5 brilliant Dropbox apps you did not know not need Many of us only use the default Dropbox application and nothing else. Third-party developers have created some fantastic Dropbox tools that all users should know. Read More .

3. Pixeldrain (Web): File Sharing of 100 TB

Pixeldrain allows you to share files up to 10 TB and create collections of up to 10,000 files.

Pixeldrain offers the largest amount of file storage possible. full use of its features. In total, you can theoretically get 100 terabytes of free storage that you can also share with anyone to download it

Pixeldrain allows you to download a maximum 10GB file. This is the limit size of a single file. However, you can continue to download many more files from this limit and make a "list" to share. A list is nothing other than a different name for a folder or collection. The maximum limit of a list being 10,000, so you can theoretically share 10 × 10,000 gigabytes at a time.

However, you need to know how long Pixeldrain stores these files.

You have 100 days from the date of download. . And whenever someone visits the file's URL to view it or download it, it will be stored for an additional 100 days. A downloaded file may never be deleted if this link is available on the internet, so be careful what you share on Pixeldrain.

Pixeldrain is one of those useful websites without registration in which you can transfer files without an account. However, if you register, you will be able to easily access your files anywhere and keep them.

Finally, Pixeldrain also has a simple text-sharing tool, such as Pastebin . Copy and paste text on it and share the newly generated URL.

4. Dropcorn (Web): Share everything on devices less than 100 feet

Dropcorn allows you to share files with people close to you, within 100 feet

The Dropcorn is the easiest way to share files with people nearby. Visit the web application on your desktop or phone, add files and tell people within 30 yards to download it. Of course, you will need to give him permission to follow your position.

You can currently share files, images, or links. These can be done through local storage or common cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. Once you're done, click Drop to create a room with a unique name.

This room will be accessible to anyone who is less than 100 feet in the next minute. After that, the piece and its data will disappear. You can also close the room manually if you wish.

If a user can not find the room or if you want to share the same files with a person who does not surround you, you can still do it. Each room receives a unique four-color code. In the "Search for something" box, click "Search by color" and enter the code. Now log in to this room and download the files and folders.

5. TeraShare (Windows, macOS, Linux): Torrent and cloud transfers, set

TeraShare combines cloud storage and p2p bittorrent protocol for fast transfer of large files

TeraShare is a new program brings together the best parts of peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent file sharing and server-based cloud file sharing. And the file size is not limited either.

This is how it works. You download and run the TeraShare program on your computer. Add a file to share, which generates a unique link. Share this link with your friends, who can then start downloading the file.

Since it's a P2P sharing, the download starts immediately. In fact, your friends will also download pieces of the file from their computer, thus increasing the speed. Of course, your computer must be on during download

The part "Hybrid Technology " is managed by TeraShare's own servers. Because files of less than 10 GB are downloaded to TeraShare servers, recipients can download them even when your computer is not available.

The combined effect of TeraShare is ideal for groups that often have to share large files with each other.

Download: TeraShare for Windows | macOS | Linux (Free)

15 Other Fast File Sharing Applications

This list is not an exhaustive list of file sharing applications. In fact, there are many other options available for free. Much like these five offer a little something that sets them apart from each other, check out this master list of 15 Quick Ways to Share Files Without Cloud Storage The 15 Best Ways to Share Files with N & A Anyone on the web [19659043] The 15 best ways to share files with anyone on the web There are many ways to share files between people and devices. With these 15 tools, you can quickly share files without an application download, account registration, or cloud storage configuration. To find out more .

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